Accounting For Governmental Nonprofit Organizations by Terry Patton, Suesan Patton & Martin Ives. ISBN: 978-1-618-532640.


Welcome to the first edition of Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations! With extensive experience in teaching, working at all three levels of government, setting accounting standards, and auditing financial statements, we know that accounting standards have become increasingly complex in an increasingly complex world. Therefore, we wrote this text on governmental and nonprofit financial accounting and reporting with one key objective: to make it easy to read and understand. To accomplish this objective, we followed this general approach: discuss the accounting principle, show the journal entry, provide an illustration. We attempt to cover the basic accounting and financial reporting principles in as comprehensive a manner as possible. To keep the text practical and "real world," we enhanced the discussion of the principles with numerous illustrations drawn from financial reports prepared by actual governments and nonprofit organizations. We cover the latest accounting standards issued by the standards-setting bodies. Finally, we designed the end-of-chapter questions, exercises, problems, and cases specifically to help students better understand the material covered in the text. Target Audience This text is written for college students (both accounting and public administration majors) and for practitioners. To permit use by different types of readers, its 15 chapters cover not only the specialized financial accounting and reporting standards applicable to the governmental and nonprofit sectors, but also the basic processes of business-type accounting. Those who have not had a course in basic accounting or who need a brief refresher can start with Chapter 15 (Fundamentals of Accounting) and draw selectively on the governmental, nonprofit, health care, and financial statement analysis chapters.


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Accounting For Governmental Nonprofit Organizations by Patton, Patton and Ives

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