South-western Federal Taxation 2017 Comprehensive Volume by Hoffman, Maloney, Raabe and Young ISBN: 978-1-305-874169.


Master complex tax concepts and gain an understanding of today's ever-changing tax legislation with South-Western Federal Taxation 2017: Comprehensive Volume. Renowned for its understandable and time-tested presentation, this comprehensive book remains the most effective solution for helping you thoroughly understand individual taxation, C corporations, taxes on financial statements, and flow-through. You'll find coverage of the latest tax legislation for both individual taxpayers and corporations, as of publication. Proven learning features, such as additional " Big Picture" examples, memorable tax scenarios, and "What If?" case variations, clarify concepts. You will find numerous opportunities to sharpen skills in critical thinking, writing, and online research that are important for career success as a tax practitioner.


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South-western Federal Taxation Comprehensive Vol. by Hoffman Maloney Raabe Young

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